Truth can exist for you alone. If others agree with you, it becomes a Reality. It is entirely personal, subjective and free to change: IT NEEDS NO VALIDATION BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE INITIAL CREATOR/OBSERVER.
(ref: “Spiritologie” by Andreas Buttler)


The degree or measure of agreement existing between two or more persons or beings. Reality is not Truth or something that ‘actually and really is so’. It is a “contract” or “agreement” which remains in place subtly or overtly via freewill or coercion. It is objective and can be validated by someone other than the initial creator/observer. Most sciences (quantum physics the exception) and surprisingly most religions are involved in Reality manipulation. The Gnostic Isolation Temple is one of the few systems devoted to the pursuit of Truth. (ref: “Spiritologie” by Andreas Buttler)

Human Being

A carbon-oxygen machine that operates at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
(ref: “Technical Dictionary” by L. Ron Hubbard)

Isolation Tank

A device invented by John C. Lilly which helps liberate a Human Being from Reality by attenuating the influence of gravity, light, sound, skin temperature and possibly x-rays, radio waves, cell phone signals, etc. Variously known as the floatation tank or sensory deprivation tank.

Gnostic Viewpoint

Self transcendence, not transcendence through a church or a group.
(ref: John C. Lilly’s interview with Jeffrey Mishlove)


Entering the Isolation Tank guided by the Gnostic Viewpoint. I.e., absolutely minimal interaction with the Abba or any other life form, communication, sound, image, etc. The term “loosening” refers to the physical loosening of muscles and mind, the separation of the physical and astral body, and the unveiling of Truth that inevitably occurs with the reduction of Reality influences.

Gnostic Isolation Temple

A 501(c)(3) religious organization with the purpose of allowing a Human Being to explore Truth via Loosening. Also known as The Mother Church.

Branch Church

A religious organization upholding the definitions and doctrine of the Gnostic Isolation Temple. Note well: the Branch Church need only uphold the definitions and doctrine. E.g., the financial model of the Branch Church is solely a matter of that church.


The owner/operator of a Branch Church


  1. A Human Being who comes to a Branch Church for Loosening.
  2. An individual who desires liberation from sensory influences moreso than sensory indulgence


The room in the Branch Church housing the Isolation Tank. E.g.: Once the Recluse had safely entered the Adytum, the Abba went on a zoo trip to provide maximal seclusion for the Recluse.

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