Month: November 2023

Floating continuously in isolation from other carbon-based lifeforms.

Quick shout-out to one of my favorite bands 🙂 Floating continously means: You can read about the power of 8 weeks of continuous floating in Harry Palmer’s book. I can speak for the power of 21 days of continuous floating – it produced the same results. Now, what will be your testimony of seeing for […]

Lucy Duncan fired for disagreeing with the direction of American Friends Service Committee

This notice about the firing of Lucy Duncan shows the danger of groups and churches. And is further motivation for THE GNOSTIC VIEWPOINT – liberation via the self instead of via churches or groups. She wrote a letter expressing her concern for a radical change in how the AFSC does business and they axed her.

Code of Conduct

The first rule of Isolation Tank Gnosis is that because it involves using the self for transcendence as opposed to a church or a group, no group should be formed in the name of this practice. To be sure, togetherness and joining in cameradery is one of the great things about being an apparently separate […]


How long do I have to float to get enlightenment? The shortest amount of time is not known. Terrence did it for 3 weeks in 2015. Harry did it for 8 weeks in the 70s. Those are the 2 data points we have. How can I afford to float continuously for weeks? I would suggest […]