There is a single doctrine in the GIT: Support the Recluse’s journey into Truth

This is the most important rule in the Gnostic Isolation Temple. Anyone who comes to your GIT for Loosening is there to explore their personal subjective Truth, not to align with any other person’s objective Reality, including yours as Abba.

The implication of this rule is that no communication of a spiritual / mental nature regarding is allowed.  For example, you cannot:

  • tell the Recluse what to expect during Loosening
  • collect video testimonies regarding the float experience
  • aske the Recluse about how his float session went
  • offer her literature to read
  • play music to create a particular setting

If a Recluse attempts to confirm her Truth by seeking Reality with you, you are then welcome to engage in various forms of Reality Construction with her OUTSIDE OF THE GIT.

This concept was discussed loosely by John Lilly in his interview with Jefferey Mishlove:

MISHLOVE: And you seem to be saying that it’s up to each person to in effect make the same bridge that you have, and to create their own belief system, so that in creating that belief they can move into the state that that belief leads them to, so that they can then discard it again.

LILLY: That’s the gnostic point of view — self transcendence, not transcendence through a church or a group.

It is discussed thoroughly in the Spiritologie text

  • A truth can exist for you alone. If others agree with you, it becomes a reality.
  • Reality is the degree or measure of agreement existing between two or more persons or beings. Reality is not ‘truth’ or something that ‘actually and really is so’.

Reality is fine – Outside of the GIT

Because reality is agreement, agreement is inevitable. But the fashioning of Reality on Reality to make even more Reality is to be carried on in other contexts: we place a premium on personal Truth in the GIT.

A genuine religion

Because of the emphasis on Truth over Reality, GIT is a true religion, allowing a Recluse to find herself  via deeper and deeper ever more personal exploration (inploration?).

It is a shame that most “religions” attempt to enforce a Reality on the Truth seeker, by feeding her literature, sermonizing to her, having group discussions, invalidating her viewpoint, etc.

This is no laughing matter

It is very easy to lull oneself into a sense of assurance when one’s Truth receives external verification. Eventually Reality takes the place of Truth and soon one devotes demonic amounts of effort to make the Reality solid, real, and fixed.  Impermanence and Imagination begin to take a backseat to consistency, correctness, and repeatability. This matter will be written about at length time and again as various Reality traps are identified.

Related texts

It has already been noted that most texts are attempting to form a Reality and coerce the Human Being into it. There are however, a handful of texts that place a premium on Truth:

The Deep Self

This landmark text by John Lilly speaks at length about the difference between Truth and Reality. Chapter 4 is highly recommended to Your Self.


Andreas Buttler is a Human Being who is controlled by the same spirit as controlled L. Ron Hubbard. His religion Spiritologie has an excellent book with a chapter discriminating Truth and Reality.

Strange Loop – Truth as Yet Another Reality!

There is a logical paradox in the single doctrine of the GIT. Once a Branch Church forms, it does so in agreement with the GIT. I.e., a Reality forms. This means as more and more Branch Church units form, a Reality which is based on offering Truth grows and grows!

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