dumping grounds

* Course Outline
** Welcome
*** History
** Truth
** Reality
*** p.163 – sane and pragmatic vs psychic, insane, nonsane
** From Reality to Truth
*** via logical proof
*** via Creation Myths
** From Reality to Truth over Time
*** Dreamspell calendar – 13 moons + 1 day out of time
** Isolation
*** Isolation and God
*** Isolation Tank, Described
**** e.r. interlocks are minimized to zero
**** p.91 – inner realities to be penetrated
**** p.129 “when given freedom from external…”
*** Social Isolation
**** Social isolation welcome

** Temple, Ceremony and Ritual
*** definition of terms
*** Temple is designed to encourage social isolation
**** p.126 TDS
*** The ceremony is done with a mind to reduce communication, control and coercion
**** p.210 – “Once you can get into the tank with no preprogramming…”
**** Ceremony outline
**** Big communication no-nos
***** no suggestions on what can or will be experienced
***** p.136 judgement of performance/accuracy
*** Truth Ritual
*** Greeting Ritual
*** The ritual takes place
*** Post-ritual should nurture social isolation
**** p. 129 “range of phenomena great than society will accept”
**** any post-communication is initiated by the
*** Night time is an allright time
*** Time limits

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