Floating continuously in isolation from other carbon-based lifeforms.

Quick shout-out to one of my favorite bands ūüôā Floating continously means: You can read about the power of 8 weeks of continuous floating in Harry Palmer’s book. I can speak for the power of 21 days of continuous floating – it produced the same results. Now, what will be your testimony of seeing for […]

Code of Conduct

The first rule of Isolation Tank Gnosis is that because it involves using the self for transcendence as opposed to a church or a group, no group should be formed in the name of this practice. To be sure, togetherness and joining in cameradery is one of the great things about being an apparently separate […]


How long do I have to float to get enlightenment? The shortest amount of time is not known. Terrence did it for 3 weeks in 2015. Harry did it for 8 weeks in the 70s. Those are the 2 data points we have. How can I afford to float continuously for weeks? I would suggest […]

dumping grounds

* Course Outline ** Welcome *** History ** Truth ** Reality *** p.163 – sane and pragmatic vs psychic, insane, nonsane ** From Reality to Truth *** via logical proof *** via Creation Myths ** From Reality to Truth over Time *** Dreamspell calendar – 13 moons + 1 day out of time ** Isolation […]

Declaration of Faith

We believe that TRUTH¬†exists for you alone.¬†It is entirely personal, subjective and free to change: IT NEEDS NO VALIDATION BY ANYONE OTHER THAN THE INITIAL CREATOR/OBSERVER.(ref: ‚ÄúSpiritologie‚ÄĚ by Andreas Buttler) We believe that REALITY¬†is the degree of¬†agreement¬†existing between two or more persons or beings. REALITY is not TRUTH¬†or something that ‚Äėactually and really¬†is¬†so‚Äô. It is […]