Most marriages end in divorce…

A group is 2 or more people. Now, if 2 people came together “til death do you part” and they came apart before death, then that says something about the danger of groups.

Over 50% of first marriages end in divorce. And as I understand it, the numbers are even higher for 2nd and 3rd marriages. My personal belief is that man was supposed to live in tribes and did live in tribes and that Shiva Lila was a modern attempt to revive tribes.

But the closeness and passion that two married people have… to see that rip apart in a way that harms them and any offspring as well?

And religion is intimate and passionate as well. And I’ve been banned from many a religious order for being passionate and vulnerable with my inner feelings.

The main thing in Isolation Tank Gnosis is preservation of this effective approach to high spiritual states for very little cost and with a near-perfect certainty of no problems with any other carbon-based lifeforms of any sort, during your experience or after. As long as you lock your doors to your place, you should be good to ride this road to Infinity.

Just imagine you are a modern-day Druid, who practices in isolation even though they may have relations with other druids.

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