Floating continuously in isolation from other carbon-based lifeforms.

Quick shout-out to one of my favorite bands 🙂

Floating continously means:

  1. float for 24 hours per day – you sleep in the tank, awake in the tank, dream in the tank, etc.
  2. Only leave for kitchen and bathroom breaks. Because you are not involved in physical exertion, I recommend only meal shakes or breakfast snack bars which are quick and easy and won’t lead to extended bathroom breaks. As far as bathroom breaks, I’m a strong believer in Urine Therapy if you get my drift.
  3. That’s it. Nothing more was done by Harry Palmer or myself. No particular mental focusing, etc.

You can read about the power of 8 weeks of continuous floating in Harry Palmer’s book.

I can speak for the power of 21 days of continuous floating – it produced the same results.

Now, what will be your testimony of seeing for yourself if you can find THE SELF by putting yourself in an isolation tank for an extended amount of time? Heck, just try a long weekend. Clock out at 5pm on Friday and close down at 5pm on Sunday and let us know how it went… making sure to maintain separation in space-time to avoid the dangers associated with being in a group.

Isolation, by itself is quite powerful

John Lilly wrote at length about the power of isolation in his book “The Deep Self”:

  • you can read about Christianne Ritter “A woman alone in the polar night”
  • Joshua Slocum and his time out at sea by himself and The Captain that would take over during rough times and take the trip several hundred miles with him completely out of consciousness
  • and much more

Now imagine getting the power of isolation without being in the adverse conditions those people exposed themselves

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