No churches or groups will be formed under name of Isolation Tank Gnosis

As a practice Isolation Tank Gnosis has been codified in the following simple steps:

  1. The only way to know something is to try it yourself.
  2. Try getting in the isolation tank and floating continuously. Only leave the tank for kitchen and bathroom breaks. Even sleep in the tank.
  3. Let us know what happened and how long you floated continuously.

To be sure, the results of such a practice are profound. But the word “gnosis” in Isolation Tank Gnosis means:

finding transcendence via the self as opposed to a church or group

John C. Lilly, in his interview with Jefferey Mishlove on Thinking Allowed.

To be sure, great power exists in groups and connection and networking. But:

  1. if all you need is a tank and isolation and if this is guided by GNOSIS (as defined above), then it is hypocritical to form a group. A group is defined as 2 or more people acting with common intent.
  2. there are many dangers of systems which become governed by groups

I therefore, do hereby declare:

  1. the sole member and practitioner of Isolation Tank Gnosis is me
  2. The practice may be freely copied and practiced and all literature distributed freely.
  3. You are free to do what you want with the theory and practice as long as you do not form groups for common intent. ABSOLUTE AUTONOMY in the practice and promulgation of this practice is absolutely important because of (1) what Gnosis is (2) to avoid the dangers in groups.

Kind regards in the name of the greatest good,

Terrence Calvinsson de Sherleys-Womb

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