Opening Resolutions


  1. On the above-referenced date, the Gnostic Isolation Temple formed its board of directors.
  2. The board resolved that the board members will be as follows:
  • President: Rev. Terrence Monroe Brannon
  • Vice President: Rev. Josh Copeland
  • Second Vice President:
  • Secretary: Rev. S. Smith, Attorney at Law
  • Treasurer: Rev. J. Smith, Retired Security Consultant
  • Director of Spiritual Innovation: Rev.Ronald Nakamoto, technical adviser.
  • Director of Spiritual Outreach: Rev. ________.
  • The board resolved that it would receive an EIN number, which it did on this date, August 25th, 2004. The number is XXXXXXX.

3. The board resolved that the Amy Long would serve as pastor of the church and would be authorized to act on its behalf.

4. The board resolved that it would incorporate in the near future and would further apply for the religious exemption from the State of California so we can grant degrees to our members.

5. The board resolved that the church would perform the majority of its ministerial tasks through its presence on the world wide web.

6. The board resolved to use the main domain name of, but would also purchase related domain names for the use of the church.

7. The board authorized the creation of the church website which will include guest sermons from the congregation, teaching discourses on a variety of subjects, frequently asked questions about our church and about as many other religions as we can determine, a church-related store, a forum for our ministers to enjoy fellowship, a seminary for the instruction of our congregation and current ministers and other instructional material as seems appropriate.

8. The board resolves not to have any on-site Sunday school for the instruction of the young, as we feel it is the job of the parents and guardians to instruct their young in a manner most appropriate to their personal beliefs. We have resolved, however, that a wide-range Sunday school curriculum be made available to our congregation as soon as possible.

9. The board resolves to do a monthly newsletter to keep our congregation informed and involved and further resolves to send out special announcements as appropriate and necessary.

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