The historical origins of Isolation Tank Gnosis

Chapter 14 in the official holy book of Isolation Tank Gnosis lays this out in great detail. But let’s summarize here:

So, in 2007, I was living in Columbus, OH and watching an interview between Jefferey Mishlove and John C. Lilly on a show called thinking allowed.

At 25:23 in the interview, the follow dialogue takes place:

Jefferey – you seem to be saying that it’s up to each person to in effect make the same bridge that you have, and to create their own belief system, so that in creating that belief, they can move into the state that belief system leads them to, so that they can discard it again

JCL – that’s the gnostic point of view – self transcendence, not transcendence through a church or group

And that single sentence from Lilly set me on fire. It made sense of so many other things I had written. And it explained why so many religious groups would ban me quickly with fury and without due process when I began to ask questions. And of course it led to me writing a holy book which is wholly false.

But the funny thing is:

  1. I saw the interview and wrote the book in 2007
  2. I didnt do the 3-week continuous float until 2015

Over and out.

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